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We are fortunate to live in a vibrant, diverse community with a vision for creating a bright future. Racine County has a rich history and continues to evolve to meet the current and emerging needs of residents of all ages and from all walks of life.

In order to continue to support the recreation and leisure time needs of our residents and to grow and attract new families, workers, and visitors to Racine County, our community needs facilities that provide opportunities for people to engage in healthful activities, learn new skills, socialize, and provide “non-screen time” options for youth.

Interest in ice sports such as hockey, figure skating, speed skating, and recreational skating is growing throughout the country, including Southeast Wisconsin. Surrounding communities such as Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Milwaukee, Waukesha, and others have indoor skating facilities, but they are not conveniently accessible for a substantial portion of families in Racine and Racine County. Therefore, we are embarking on a capital campaign to build an indoor ice arena – an important amenity for a thriving community.

With cooperation from Racine County to secure the land needed to build the ice center and $5 million in requested bond funding, along with a generous lead gift from an anonymous donor, Racine County Ice Center (RCIC) – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization – has been authorized to proceed with a public capital campaign to raise the remaining funding needed to build an indoor ice arena to serve Racine County. Your generosity will strengthen our entire community today and in the years to come.

Racine County Ice Center will Offer Ice Activities for All Ages

The Racine County Ice Center is an incredible opportunity.
We don’t have such a facility in the county.
If you look at our neighbors to the south and into the north, they have these amenities.

Jonathan Delagrave – Racine County Executive

The proposed Racine County Ice Center facility is the result of a 4-year research and study process conducted by the RCIC Board. As part of this process, RCIC self-funded a formal feasibility and economic study conducted by HVS Convention, Sports, and Entertainment Facilities Consulting, a nationally recognized consulting firm with expertise in community-based ice arenas. The RCIC Board and representatives from Racine County government also engaged in discussions with area youth hockey and figure skating associations, consulted with numerous ice arena development firms, and conducted site visits at existing ice arenas throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

This feasibility study and additional research identified strong demand for an indoor ice arena and that, after the initial startup, it can be self-sustaining. The facility would also attract visitors from surrounding counties (and their tourism dollars), particularly when it is well-established and hosts tournaments and competitions.

RCIC has proposed the Racine County Ice Center be built on land already owned by Racine County at Franksville Memorial Park or another centrally located county site. The Franksville location offers several advantages: it is situated mid-county, has easy access to I-94, would eliminate the need to purchase land, and much of the infrastructure needed to service the facility is already in place.

Racine County Ice Center Proposed Ice Arena

The Racine County Ice Center will include a 38,000 square foot two-story complex that houses a single NHL regulation size (85’ X 200’) sheet of ice. The facility will also include a lobby, café and concessions area, locker rooms, public restrooms, bleacher seating, and a pro shop. The second level will provide office space and a multipurpose room that can be used as meeting/conference space or rented out for family events, birthday parties, etc. The planned site includes plenty of space for expansion, allowing for the addition of a second sheet of ice at a later time, which would enable the facility to host larger events and tournaments and meet increased demand for ice time should it be needed in future years. To save costs, all necessary mechanicals needed to accommodate a second sheet of ice will be planned and included in the initial build.


The estimated cost of construction of the Racine County Ice Center is $13 million, which includes the cost of construction, plus contingencies. The proposed funding plan for the ice arena includes:

  • $5 Million – Pledged by Anonymous Lead Donor
  • $5 Million – County Bond Funding over a period of 2 Years
  • $3 Million – Public Fundraising Campaign

Upon completion, the ice arena will be the property of Racine County. It will be operated by an experienced management contractor, to be hired and supervised by Racine County.


Recreation centers are an essential part of communities, providing immense value to both residents and visitors. The Racine County Ice Center will provide opportunities for active living and recreation in a safe, inclusive environment. After-school and weekend programming will provide youth with positive and constructive social and recreational activities in a safe setting with adult supervision.

With programming for people of all ages, families, individuals, and particularly our youth will be able to enjoy activities that are not available without traveling to, and spending money in, surrounding counties.

Highlights of the Racine County Ice Center Ice Arena

Activities at the Racine County Ice Center will include:

Public Ice Skating and Family Programming

Public Ice Skating & Family Programming

Learn to Skate Programs

Learn to Skate Programs

Figure Skating

Figure Skating

Ice Hockey Youth and Adult

Ice Hockey (Youth & Adult)

Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating

Broom Ball

Broom Ball

Rentals - Equipment & Facilities

Rentals Equipment & Facilities



Facilities such as ice arenas provide the critical “third place” thriving communities need, as described by Ray Oldenburg, an urban sociologist. In his book, “The Great Good Place,” Oldenburg writes about the importance of informal, public gathering places. He states, “Life without community has produced, for many, a lifestyle consisting mainly of a home-to-work-and-back-again shuffle. Social well-being and psychological health depend upon community and the ‘third places.’” The Racine County Ice Center will be an ideal “third place,” where people from all walks of life can socialize and connect. A place to promote healthy lifestyles. A place to make memories. An opportunity for economic development.


According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, 9.7 million people participated in ice skating in the United States in 2019, and for good reasons. The American Heart Association recognizes skating as being equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits. Ice skating builds a strong core, which in turn helps develop good balance and coordination. According to respected medical authorities, ice skating is a terrific way to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. In addition, skating has been shown to reduce stress, which benefits mental health and overall well-being.

Family Ice Skating and Other ActivitiesAccess to an indoor ice arena will provide convenient and fun opportunities for the community to stay fit. A healthy, active community is a happy one.

An Ice Arena Will Benefit Racine County Through:

  • Healthy recreational activities for people of all ages
  • Quality of life enhancement
  • Supervised, non-screen time activities for youth – active and social
  • Attractive lifestyle and leisure amenities for current and potential residents
  • Economic benefits – tourism, workforce recruitment, and attraction of new businesses
  • Positive impact on the local community

All counties surrounding Racine County have successful indoor ice arenas; some have more than one. With growing participation in ice sports and increased interest in skating for fitness and leisure, an indoor ice arena is a natural extension to a vibrant community’s recreational venues. Racine County residents deserve access to state-of-the art recreational facilities, and will enjoy year-round skating, ice sports, and fun youth and family activities. Grants will be pursued to ensure that people of all economic abilities will have equal access to the ice and to programs.

It is the goal of the Racine County Board to keep Racine County as a great place for business to develop, for people to find sustainable work and for families to live.

Thomas E. Roanhouse – Racine County Board Chair


RCIC – Racine County Ice Center – is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Racine County Ice Center is governed by a Board of Directors made up of community leaders with an interest and experience in ice sports and community development.

RCIC Board of Directors

Mike Frontier - President
Steve Anderson - Vice President
Mark Hertzberg – Secretary
Dave Easley – Treasurer

Capital Campaign Leadership

Lee Wishau - Campaign Chairperson
Dave Blank - Assistant Campaign Chairperson
Jeff Collen - Campaign Manager
Joey LeGath - Honorary Chairperson


Public Capital Campaign Launch in The Journal Times, May 12, 2024


County Executive's Goals for 2024

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I am thrilled to endorse the Racine County Ice Center. It fulfills a critical need in our community for a recreational and competitive ice facility. The estimated $13 million project is supported by local donors, reflecting strong community investment and the viability of the project. 

The Ice Center is backed by extensive research and enjoys wide support from county officials and community leaders. It will serve as a catalyst for economic growth and tourism in the region. 

Access to safe, positive,  family-friendly recreational amenities – arts, culture and athletics – foster healthy, thriving communities. 

The Racine County Ice Center promotes community development, health, and economic prosperity. We are confident in its success and the positive impact it will bring to Wisconsin.

---Christopher R. Paulson, Executive Director, Racine Heritage Museum


The opportunity for Racine County to have an indoor ice arena would be another great amenity for our community. RAMAC and the business community fully support the efforts of the Racine County Ice Center in bringing this to our community.

---Matt J. Montemurro, President/ CEO Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce (RAMAC)

On behalf of the Racine County Economic Development Corporation (RCEDC) Board of Directors, I am pleased to provide this letter of support for a potential new community asset in Racine County - an indoor ice arena.

One of RCEDC’s strategic priorities is to attract talent to Racine County. We can boast about the variety of high-quality employment opportunities in multiple industries, but it is important to remember that individuals and families make relocation decisions based on more than careers. The quality of life, housing opportunities, extracurricular actives, and the all-around vibe of a community weigh into decisions as well. Having an ice arena in Racine County would provide another great asset to attract individuals and families to our area.

Ice sports, such as hockey and figure skating, have proven to be immensely popular and have a positive impact on physical fitness, mental well-being, and community engagement. An ice arena would provide a safe and accessible space for individuals of all ages to participate in these activities. Furthermore, the establishment of an ice arena has the potential to attract regional and even national events, boosting tourism and creating ecumenic opportunities for local businesses.

—-Jenny Trick, Executive Director, Racine County Economic Development Corporation

As a kid growing up in Racine, we used to skate throughout the winter at Marquette Park. With the weather warming an indoor facility will provide a great opportunity for our families.I feel that when the Racine Ice Center becomes a reality, it will help all youth of Racine County especially youth of color, as they need to experience all types of sports”

---Al Gardner

"I am thrilled to endorse the Racine County Ice Center. It fulfills a critical need in our community for a recreational and competitive ice facility. The project is supported by local donors reflecting strong community investment and the project's viability. The Ice Center is backed by extensive research and enjoys wide support from county officials and community leaders. It will catalyze economic growth and tourism in the region. All of our students and students from the whole community will learn to skate and have a new athletic outlet. It will be a great community builder for all of us. The Racine County Ice Center promotes community development, health, and economic prosperity."

— Dr. Nat Coffman, Head of School & President, The Prairie School

"What an exciting addition to the Greater Racine area.  For many years, visitors and transferees alike have wondered why our area did not have a first-class ice arena.  Finally, one of the last pieces for making this such a great place to live is on the horizon.  Congratulations to all who had the vision to propose it, the skill to plan it and the confidence to raise the monies to build it.  This ice facility will fill a void in Racine's sports and entertainment venues and will provide endless hours of enjoyment for generations of the residents of, and visitors to, this fine community."

— John Crimmings, General Sales Manager, First Weber, Racine Office 

"It would be fantastic to get another rink in southeast Wisconsin area. Kids love skating...... it's a way to bring the community together and give kids purpose and teach values. I fully support the effort to bring a new rink to the area and smiles to kids faces!" 

— Dave Cruikshank, L.A. Kings Skating Coach / President of DASH Speed Skating Team / 4x Olympian Speed Skating

"It would be great to see hockey grow in Southeastern Wisconsin. It would give area kids an opportunity to be introduced to an amazing sport that they may not have been exposed to without a rink close by. When I was young I grew up in Racine and played hockey with neighborhood kids in flooded parks. I always wished there had been a hockey organization in our area that I could have played at."

— Greg Moskonas, Hockey Director - Hockey Locker Honey Badgers

"I stand in support of the proposed Racine County Ice Center. This addition to the area will go a long ways towards alleviating the needs for a facility to provide healthy alternatives for the residents of this part of Southeast Wisconsin. The SHAW Special Needs hockey program would likely benefit from additional ice surfaces in the area, and we'd be better able to provide services to our target demographic. Please support this worthy addition to Racine County!"

— Juan A. Rios, BSCE, EIT

"The proposed ice arena, by all accounts, will be beneficial for Racine residents. I believe that it will help attract visitors and new residents as well. Likewise, I think that it will grow the number of minorities and others interest and participation in ice sports. I’ve served in county and city government for 20 years and was employed in Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services for 32 years. So, I understand the value added when an opportunity such as this is embraced by the greater Racine County community. We need this for our county in a myriad of ways."

— Donnie Snow

"We’re enthusiastic over the ice arena proposal and it could, indeed, add a beneficial amenity for the county if the plan can come together. We look forward to the day that chants of “GOAL!” ring through the rafters at Franksville Memorial Park and we hope this dream comes true." Read Full Story Here.

— Racine Journal Times

Positive Reviews and Positive Results for RCIC


We invite you to consider joining other visionary leaders and community champions to bring an indoor ice arena to Racine County. More than just a building, the Racine County Ice Center is an investment in our future – an opportunity to make Racine an even more attractive place to live, work, and play.

For contributions questions and inquiries, contact Jeff Collen at (262) 880-4172 or utilize our online form.


Youth Hockey at RCIC Ice Arena